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Precision instruments & laboratory measurement equipment you can trust

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Dependable Laboratory Measurement Equipment for Reliable Accuracy

At Michelli Weighing & Measurement, we understand that accuracy is your top priority. We represent the best manufacturers in the industry, to provide you with the best laboratory measurement equipment options available.

From microbalances to analytical balances, and even moisture analyzers, Michelli has the equipment you need, and the brands you can trust. Our highly skilled product specialists can help match you with the right options, based on your budget, application & environment.

Need washdown safe scales or intrinsically safe laboratory measurement equipment? We can help with that. Michelli can help with specialized requests by communicating directly with the manufacturer on your behalf.  

lab measurement

Trust our team of specialists

We can help you increase productivity & consistency

Safety is Priority

Decrease risk while increasing productivity with quality laboratory measurement equipment

When even one ounce of the wrong substance could make a difference, you need dependable & accurate laboratory measurement equipment. Through the use of high quality weighing systems & measurement devices, you can ensure the safety of both your team & your customers.

Weighing on a lab balance

Consistency is Key

Ensure repeatability & quality control with quality precision lab instruments

Ensure consistency with the help of reliable laboratory measurement tools. The right equipment allows measurement to be incorporated into existing processes, helping you effortlessly monitor product repeatability throughout each phase of production.

lab measurement

The Service Experts You Can Trust

Our experienced calibration technicians are here to help you get the largest return on investment from your scale or lab balance. The Michelli service team can provide calibrations, preventative maintenance & even repair for laboratory measurement equipment & high precision lab instruments.

Our experts will also recommend the best timeline for scheduled preventative maintenance, based on your application & the environment in which the equipment is located.

Need ISO 17025?

Michelli is ISO 9001 registered and ISO 17025 accredited.

How can high quality laboratory measurement equipment help in your day-to-day operations?

Decrease Safety Risk

Ensure safe temperature & volume to decrease risk


Decrease Loss

Manage inventory easily with set point systems


Increase Efficiency

Add measurement functions to existing processes

Automate Filling

Increase productivity & ensure accurate measurement


Ensure Quality Control

Measure product throughout each production phase


Improve Workflow

Use automation to fill to exact volume consistently


Available on all makes & models

Laboratory measurement equipment

Light, Medium & Heavy Capacity available

  • High Precision Scales
  • Top Loading Balances
  • Moisture Analyzers
  • Analytical Balances

Weighing Systems

Added functionality & productivity

  • Batching Systems
  • Statistic Systems
  • Belt Scale Systems
  • Automation
lab measurement

Michelli Offers Custom Programming for the Laboratory Industry

Turn your scale into a multi-tasker and increase productivity.

Some examples of programs we have created for the laboratory industry include:
  • Automated batching & mixing programs to ensure consistency
  • Set point & bottling programs to increase efficiency

Let’s discuss your application & ways weighing & measurement could help to simplify your process.

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ISO 9001 Registered Company | ISO 17025 Accredited Laboratory

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